simogo: device 6

Artist: Simogo 

Artwork: Device 6 

Device 6 is something between a game and a piece of literature, between puzzle and novella. My experience of it is ‘slippy’; it defies definition. Any moment where you think you have captured what the piece is, where it is heading, it shifts and turns, surprises you. Device 6  explores the story of a psychological thriller, but neither the story, nor your role in it is static. The narrative is presented through text, sound, image, puzzle, and you can pick and play your way through. 

I really love Simogo’s practice. I often think of their works like little gifts. There are often multiple layers of, and platforms for engagement – threads of narrative, moments of joy, and always rooted in a solid, engaging game structure. 

I have highlighted Device 6 in particular because of the way the piece plays with movement; it creates a ‘dance’ of sorts between game and player. Playing the work you are invited to twist and change your screen’s orientation, to physically manipulate the phone or tablet in your hand, to view from a different perspective. For me, this allows the piece to go one step further than creating a dialogue between player, game and narrative. Rather, it physically moves the narrative off the device, and into the space around you, creating a physical dance between you and the piece as you play it.

Response: Questions

How might your story/idea provoke someone to move in a new way? 

What quality of movement might it suggest? 

How might you facilitate this quality of movement in the devices and approach you use, and how you use them? 

How might the exchange between you and the technology be something other than static? 

How can the technology recognise you in the way it moves? 

How can you recognise the technology in the way you move? 

How can player and piece dance together? What might that choreography be?