I am Mel. I create inter-disciplinary artistic works, sometimes performances, sometimes games, sometimes both. 

My work uses gaming and performance structures to build responsive, meaningful and dynamic interactive experiences. I am particularly interested in using transmedia approaches to create projects that bleed between the digital and the physical worlds and sometimes exist within the liminal space between them.

I have a degree in Mathematics, and a lot of my work is informed by maths ideas and processes. Specifically, I am interested in the ways systems of all types – social, economic, political, environmental, relate to emotions and behaviours, and to ideas less rigorously defined – fear, doubt, hope.

My work explores, embodies, interrogates and questions a sequence of tensions that sit at the core of our relationships with technology and society: 

  People < – – > Technology 

Digital < – – > Physical 

System < – – > Behaviour 

Game < – – > Play 

You can read more about my work here.

I often work collaboratively, and my collaborations spread my practice over a wide variety of fields. 

I collaborate with immersive theatre maker and 360 director Leonie Rae Gasson as Produced Moon, the company Leo and I co-run. 

I am collaborating with composer and sound designer Michael Jon Mizra and architect and cultural producer Yinka Danmole as ‘Post Hyper’. 

I work regularly with applied theatre academic Dr Nicola Abraham, exploring immersion in 360 film and escape rooms as an applied theatre practice. 

The conversation of digital/physical sits individually in each of these collaborations. 

Each approaches the meeting through different processes and mediums, asks different questions, explores different facets of this work. 

So, instead of offering you a comprehensive ‘response’ to the question of digital/physical as it sits in my practice, I instead present a ‘micro’ response investigating the ideas as they exist across the different areas of my work:

Produced Moon: making work in and for the digital age

Post Hyper: a manifesto

Dr Nicola Abraham: the disobedience paradox